Your Float Host


“Floating helped me walk again.”

Laara owns Float Wellness & Massage and champions the healing power of floating. Her journey began at 24 when she was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and faced a life in a wheelchair by 30. Instead of accepting this, Laara sought alternative therapies like floating, yoga, and massage, leading to her recovery.

In 2001, Laara tackled the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Trekking 800 km with a backpack through rough terrain was an incredible feat, especially given her medical history. Laara has walked the Camino several times and recently biked the route.

During her 2001 journey, Laara met Hape Kerkeling, author of the bestseller I’m Off, Then: Losing and Finding Myself on the Camino de Santiago. She was surprised to find herself featured in his book. “I’m almost a little bit famous,” she jokes. Laara’s resilience on the Camino showcases her strength and determination.

Floating inspired Laara to become a Yoga Teacher in 1996, teaching thousands in group and private settings. Her consistent meditation practice keeps her grounded and eager to learn.

In 2009, Laara moved to Sherwood Park from the West Coast. She combined her passion for Massage Therapy and Floating, later adding Infrared Sauna and more. Laara founded Float Wellness & Massage in 2014, winning the 2015 Chamber of Commerce’s New Small Business of the Year award.

Laara’s dedication to wellness offers a unique experience to her community, helping others find the healing and transformation she experienced. Book a session at Float Wellness & Massage for a life-changing experience.