There are many benefits – here are just a few. Come talk to us at our Sherwood Park floatation tank location to learn a whole lot more!

  • Quickens rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Relieves pain and encourages healing from arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines and injuries.
  • Improves quality of sleep and resets your biological clock to recover from shift work and jet lag.
  • One hour in the I-sopod Float Tank is equal to 4 hours of sleep.
  • Alleviates both physical and mental stress.
  • Accelerates learning, increases creativity and problem solving.
  • Enhances hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis and enhances the potential for lucid dreaming.
  • Heightens visualization, deepens meditation and expands awareness.
  • Increases motivation and diminishes depression, anxiety and fear.
  • Increases productivity as your mind clears and you become ready to work on all that is important to you.
  • Facilitates freedom of habits, phobias and addictions.
  • Improves athletic performance, speeds the healing process and prevents sports injuries.
  • Boosts immune function.
  • Decreases the production of cortisol, lactic acid and adrenaline which helps reduce stress and relaxes you.
  • Increases the production of endorphins and improves circulation and the distribution of oxygen and nutrients.
  • Reduces blood pressure, the pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption.
  • Stimulates left and right brain synchronization which creates more mental clarity and alertness.