Free your mind and body from all external stimulation while floating in the state of the art i-sopod Float Pod filled with water and 1100lbs of dissolved Epsom Salt.

* * * All floats at Float Wellness are 60 or 90 minutes – you decide which you would prefer. All float times are the same rate. * * *


why have a Float Wellness membership?

  • No sign up fee
  • 10% off massage therapy
  • 15% off all in store products
  • Free float on your birthday (on the day of your birthday)
  • Complimentary earplugs of your choice
  • Can’t use your float this month, no problem, all unused floats roll over and never expire as long as membership is active
  • Free Light Therapy session upon sign up

1 float / month

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*Shareable between two

Additional Floats are $39

float packages

First Time Float

single float

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3 floats (not shareable)

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Floating is not a new age fad.  It was developed by a medical doctor almost 60 years ago and has undergone rigorous medical studies that have been peer reviewed and published in medical journals. Floating is an effortless way to create a path and a way towards a better life, it may be the best thing you’ve ever done for getting rid of pain and stress.


*First time float offers cannot be combined with any other offer.

Single Float

single float

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3 Floats

3 floats / $55 per float

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10 Floats

10 floats / $49 per float

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massage therapy


/ 30 minutes

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pandora star light therapy

Pandora Star Add On

30 min add-on to single float

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3 sessions

3 sessions / $45 per session

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